Hello! I’m Neri Esparza, and I'm a UI/UX Engineer living in Jersey City! (Close to NYC)
Previously, I worked as Front End Developer at Barnes and Noble and Animus Rex.
I have had the oportunity to work witin diferent countries such as MEXICO and FRANCE
You can reach out to me by email & Linkedin.
UI / UX Engineer
Neri Esparza
Work: Barnes and Noble | Hollywood Burgers | WheenlBarrow Software | Pure Insurance 2015 Report | Algodon Wine Estates | Marconi Society Young Scholars | Kameleoon Web Site | Kameleoon Back End | Kameleoon Blog | Skoda Web Site | Les Selections Skoda | Skoda Mag


HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, French, Spanish


Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, UXPin, Balsamiq

Frameworks: HTML/CSS - Bootstrap, JS - React & Vue, PHP - Symfony and Codeignter

CMS: Adobe CQ, Endeca, Wordpress, Joomla, Squarespace

Others technical skills

I optimize websites for mobile display using CSS media queries and Bootstrap

Knowledge of creating and optimizing HTML email newsletter templates for major email clients and mobile display

Web debugging tools (Firebug, Google Chrome debugging tool)

Scrum/Agile methodology

Wireframe creations

Version control Git and SVN

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